Joshua's Army Short-term Missions

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9 NIV
Joshua's Army
A body of persons organized to advance the cause of Jesus Christ.

Most of the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not done in the church, but happen while people are out about their business in the real world.

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Recent Report

Austria, Serbia and Slovenia!

As many of you know Dennis and I just got back from three weeks in Central Europe. One of the first things the Lord spoke to us was, "A lot will be accomplished for the Kingdom in the spiritual realm. You may not see much in the natural, but know that spiritually, things will change." 

In our time of travel and ministry, we needed this reminder. The ministry we did in Slovenia, Austria, and Serbia was awesome. The time in between? That had us all praying! This was one of those mission trips where if it could go wrong, it did.

I spent the first week laying around not filling well, Dennis was only a little better. The second week started off with the GPS not working when we were trying to find our hotel (and place of ministry) in Austria. PIONEER was having an area retreat and we worked with the children while the adults had their sessions.

As we traveled from Austria to Serbia, I realized I had left our passports in Slovenia! I have a wonderful son who traveled to Hungary, just to give me the passports. To make things better, my daughter-in-law sent a bag of fruit! 

After meeting our son we took secondary roads to Serbia. This was a great way to see Hungary... until it got dark and we were hit by a thunder storm. In no time at all the road was a river and we could only go about 20 mph. (Thanks Steve Burris for being such a great driver!) This (and the missing passports!) put us behind schedule and we didn't arrive at our destination until 1am. A big thank-you to our friends in Serbia for waiting up and giving us a place to sleep!

On Sunday we had an all-day mini youth conference. By the end of the day the youth were starting to open up and a lot of ministry happened. God is doing wonderful things among the youth in Northern Serbia! 

The third week we ministered in different churches, prayer walked different cities, and helped with an English class party. 

Things settled down until the flight home. This part could be a book in it's self! As we approached Chicago there was a storm, so we couldn't land. We flew in circles around Lake Michigan until we needed fuel, then we flew to Detroit for fuel, returning to land at O'Hara only to find that our connecting flight was canceled. All this was over four hours. 

We ended up sleeping at the airport. One of those things that you see on the news and you say to yourself; "I'm glad that never happened to me." I wish I could still say that! The next day was a nightmare. By the end of the day we have had boarding passes for four different flights, and never was able to leave the airport. Our 3 pm flight was canceled just before boarding, that was all we could handle: enough is enough! Time to call the car rentals!

Praise God we found a company that still had a car available! After waiting is line for over an hour, and 36 hours no sleep, we where headed to North Carolina! After leaving Chicago, we found a motel, slept six hours, and drove home. Home never felt so good!!

In all this the Lord taught us:
 - Stay alert, you don't know when God is going to change your circumstances so you can minister to someone.

Dennis and Cindy

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