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"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9 NIV
Joshua's Army
A body of persons organized to advance the cause of Jesus Christ.

On April 14th Joshua's Army missionary, Yvonne Miller, went to be with Jesus. All of us left behind are sad, but we know that she is where she truly wants to be.

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Recent Report

Missionaries in Canada to the Ojibwa Indians:

Yvonne and I want to bring all of you as our family and friends up to date with what we, Yvonne in particular, have been experiencing for almost a year now. We have been in communication with some of you about this but this may come as a complete surprise and shock to others. For that, we apologize. We found it difficult to share these facts with everyone at once because, for one thing, we weren't sure just what all the facts were. We wanted to be sure of what we were saying and what was going to be done.

Yvonne has been experiencing problems in her stomach since March of 2014. Around July she began to feel pain in her stomach. Her food intake began to decline because of a lack of appetite and great difficulty in swallowing. Finally, after much waiting and prayer, she saw a doctor and was scheduled for exploratory surgery in November. 

The outcome of numerous tests and many biopsies from her colon, stomach and abdominal cavity gave the surgeon the diagnose of adenocarcinoma, or stomach cancer. It is in stage 4; it is inoperable and incurable. We talked with an oncologist who said that chemotherapy was the only treatment. However, there is only a 50/50 chance that she would respond favourably and it would only benefit her for a 6-12 month extension of life. At this time, he had no prediction of life expectancy or quality of life. Those are the basic facts. 

However, the Lord has been telling us His report! In numerous ways, the Lord has shown and told us that He is going to heal her! In all of this, we have felt the presence and peace of God like never before. Yes, there are moments when we have tears and related emotions. We have questions and He has even answered some of them! (We really like that!) This has been a process which is taking longer than we have thought necessary. (Insert “grin” here.) But we do know that our Lord loves us passionately and has a good plan to redeem these events. 

What we have done is to write an account which you may find lengthy. We have posted it on our website. If anyone would like to join us in prayer and follow along in our journey, please read, or skim, our story and respond as the Lord may prompt you. I am confident that you will be pleased with the way that Jesus has been walking with us and carrying Yvonne especially. I think you will enjoy the read.

Now, here is something that I don’t really know how to say. Please hear my heart, somehow. For about 3  months now, we have not been able to do the work of ministry that you, our supporters, have been giving prayer and finances to enable us to do. We honestly don’t know when we will be able to resume our work of prayer counselling and other various activities, which we really want to do again some day. If any of you have any questions or concerns about your continued giving, please contact us. 

We continue to live where we have been living at First Nations Restoration Center in Kejick Bay. Our friends and supervisor couple, Maurice and Louise Chisel, have been incredibly understanding, compassionate and gracious. They have protected Yvonne from her overextending herself and have ceased scheduling people for ministry. They have encouraged us also by making the centre available for family and friends to come visit and help us as they might be able to do; “for as long as it takes”, they said. Bless them, Lord. Now, we find ourselves waiting. While we wait, we remain tuned into Holy Spirit for direction in what we need to do. That really is our question at this time. How is the Lord going to bring healing? What is our part? Will we go somewhere for alternative treatment or will the Lord touch Yvonne while we are at home?

I was so blessed when Yvonne turned to me after the surgeon told us “incurable” and said to me, “It may be incurable but it’s not unhealable”! Yeah, God!

With Love
Marvin and Yvonne

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